Rights to Privacy

Privacy & Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the hallmark of the therapeutic relationship! The law states that a client has the right to have information provided or shared during a psychotherapy session to remain private and cannot be shared without written or at time oral permission.

With this being said I must disclose that there are some exceptions to the right to privacy and they include:

Suspected Child Abuse (any one under the age of 18) or Elder abuse (anyone 65 years of age or older) will be reported to the appropriate authorities as required by law.

  • Serious threat of harm to oneself where the client is not able to cooperate to ensure their safety and I am required to seek other resources of support to ensure safety. 
  • Serious threat of harm towards an identifiable victim requires me to inform the police and the potential victim to ensure safety is maintained. 
  • If called into a Court of Law by a subpoena duces tecum I will be required to testify and release information to the court or be held in Contempt of Court. 
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