Therapist to Children & Teens, Individuals, Seniors, Couples, & Families
Licence Numbers

 MFC #42603

PSY # 24976

NCC # 264935


My Fee List

Please referr to the current fee list below:

Fee & Service Provided (terms or other costs)

Psychological Services                                                                      

$200 per hour Clinical Interview (2 hour minimum)

$150 per hour Individual Session                                                           

$200 per hour Family or Couple Session                                                           

$200 per hour Preparation and Review of Written Report (if needed)                         

$150 per hour Telephone Consultations (as deemed appropriate)                       


Cancellation & Rescheduling

Customary charges will be invoiced to services that are cancelled or need to be rescheduled with less than 24 business day hours.  If the time allotted cannot be rescheduled because there has not been enough notice to contact clients and rescheduled treatment sessions, those hours will be invoiced at the customary fee of $100/150 per hour.


Non Paid Balance

For all balances outstanding 30 days after billing date, interest will be charged on the outstanding amount at the rate of 20% APR.


Psychological Assessment                                                                 

$250 per hour Including Clinical Interview (minimum $500)    

$200 per hour  Scoring and Test Administration      

$200 per hour Preparation and Review of written report     

$250 per hour Review of Records/Research                                                                                                    

Court Requirements & Appearances:

$250 per hour Review of Records/Research                                                                                                

$100 per hour Travel Time (portal to portal & payable at time of attendance)  

 $500 per hour Deposition (payable at time of deposition) (2 hour minimum)                                      

There will be a charge of $600 for depositions cancelled with less than 24 business day hours’ notice if scheduled locally; 36 hours if scheduled out of area.

$500 per hour Court Appearance   (minimum ½ day= 4 hours)

$2000 charge for cancellation with fewer than 36 business day hours’ notice